Lyttelton Manor High School

Lyttelton Manor High School Pledge

Commitment Pledge as Parent/Guardian at Lyttelton Manor High School

I (parent name) will ensure that my child

  • attends School daily and on time;
  • wears the appropriate School uniform;
  • brings with him/her the necessary equipment for school work;
  • does homework regularly and on time;
  • represents the School positively in the local community;
  • shows due respect to staff, other learners and property;
    and that I will
  • inform the School of any concerns or problems that may have an adverse effect on my child’s behaviour or attitude;
  • report any absence within 24 hours by letter on return to School;
  • make myself available on the same day contacted to attend a meeting, interview or appointment at the School should my child commit a serious offence;
  • make every effort to attend Parent’s Evenings and discussions on my child’s progress;
  • encourage participation in extra-curricular activities at School;
  • ensure that the School is notified within 24 hours of any change of telephone numbers and or addresses;

Commitment Pledge as Learner at Lyttelton Manor High School

I (student’s name) will conduct myself in such a manner as to uphold the reputation and ethos of Lyttelton Manor High School, by

  • acknowledging and accepting the contents of the Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy;
  • acknowledging and accepting the contents of the Policy On Abuse Of Illegal Substances;
  • acknowledging and accepting the contents of the Dress and Appearance Code;
  • showing due respect to the Principal, Educators and Fellow Learners;
  • respecting the dignity, beliefs, authority and rights of the Educators, especially their rights to privacy and confidentiality;
  • not physically, verbally or sexually abusing or intimidating an Educator or Learner;
  • respecting the beliefs, cultures, dignity and rights of other learners;
  • accepting accountability and responsibility for my learning process;
  • accepting the rights of others to an education without intrusion, intimidation and or physical or verbal abuse;
  • respecting the property and safety of other learners;
  • making full use of the academic, cultural and sporting facilities and oppotunitiesin order to develop my full potential;
  • respecting and appreciating the property and facilities provided by the School;
  • acknowledging that the South African Schools Act (1996) requires my regular attendance at School;
  • acknowledge the partnership between parents, educators and learners;
  • committing myself to act in such a manner that will strengthen this partnership;
  • respecting the values, traditions and expectations of the broader School community;
  • upholding the good name of Lyttelton Manor High School within the community and notjeopardising or damaging the community’s view of the School;
  • understanding that the content of the Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy, the Policy On Abuse of Illegal Substances; and the Dress and Appearance Code is binding and any breach thereof will result in remedial and punitive measures, either from the School’s Management or the Disciplinary Committee of the Governing Body.
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