Lyttelton Manor High School


Lyttelton Manor High School is a fee paying School.

Annual School Fees for 2018 = R16,500.00

Grade 8 Methods of payment:

R4,500 (Registration) + R1,200 (January 2018) = R5,700

Full payment first term and the balance of R10,800 minus discount of R825 = R9975


Nine monthly payments of R1,200 from 1 January which is payable in the first week of the month. (R1,200 x 9 = R10,800) + R5,700 = R16,500

Bank Details

Bank: Standard Bank - Lyttelton (code: 010945)

Name of account: Lyttelton Manor High School

Account Number: 011705442

Reference: Name and Surname of child

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