Lyttelton Manor High School

Dress and Appearance Code

Preamble The Dress and Appearance Code provides guidelines to ensure that Lyttelton Manor High School learners wear the school uniform correctly. The Dress and Appearance Code is applicable whenever the learner is wearing school uniform and / or official sports kit, whether on or off school property. Objectives

  • To create uniformity within the learner body of Lyttelton Manor High School.
  • To ensure that the learner looks neat and acceptable at all times.
  • To instill a sense of pride in Lyttelton Manor High School.

General Principles

  • The correct school uniform of the time of the year must be worn.
    • Summer uniform: 1 September - 30 April
    • Winter uniform: 1 May - 31 August
  • The correct and appropriate uniform must be worn for all school activities ( academic, sport and cultural). No apparel with political affiliations is permitted whilst wearing school uniform)
  • Grade 12 members of the Representative Council of Learners wear a specifically distinctive uniform throughout the year.
  • A learner is to enter and exit the school grounds correctly dressed.
  • A learner is expected to be neat at all times.
  • Uniform combinations will not be accepted, e.g. school uniform with items of casual clothing, school uniform with sportswear, school uniform with tracksuit.
  • No article of clothing may be worn after it has been stretched or altered to change the length or shape of the original design.
  • If a learner is dressed incorrectly, a note from the parent, written in the School Diary, must be taken to the Grade Co-Ordinator. Permission to wear the incorrect uniform may be granted for a limited period of time, and only with a valid reason.
  • Incorrect items of clothing will be confiscated and only returned at the end of a term.
  • No learner may work in a business or shop while in school uniform.
  • No learner may appear in court in school uniform.
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